Ongoing research and innovation and constant investment in production technology, combined with a long tradition in the sector, ensure that Bertesi is characterised as a company that has:

A high degree of automation
The 5 production lines are completely automated and the moulding department is proportionally sized to the company requirements, thus guaranteeing a production capacity of tens of thousands of suspension files a day.

A high degree of specialisation
Equipped with numerous customised die-cutters and logo printing machinery capable of developing a wide range of products and variations of products (500 product codes of suspension files).

A high degree of vertical integration
From the initial development of the moulds for plastics to the finishing activity of assembling the end product, all the different development stages are carried out in-house thus allowing to completely and thoroughly check the quality of the different components that make up the finished product and quickly meet the market needs, even the most specific and unique requirements.

Specialist Know-how
The company’s qualified, skilled human resources and the constant collaboration between the different specialised departments guarantee elastic and flexible productivity and the capacity to innovate swiftly.